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Completed Projects

The John A. and Susan Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation (SCDI)

Completed Summer 2021

The John A. and Susan Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation includes classrooms, labs, research, study and office space for the School of Engineering and the College of Arts and Science. This complex brings together multiple departments to create a collaborative learning environment where students and faculty alike can benefit from the expertise of their peers. This 270,000 squarefoot building is built on the site of the previous engineering and law buildings with a 4-story wing on the east side and 3-story wings on the north and south. The courtyard in the middle opens up towards Heafey Hall and Bergin Hall to create an interconnection between all of the STEM facilities.

Stephen C. and Patricia A. Schott Athletic Excellence Center (Schott AEC)

Completed Summer 2020

The Stephen C. and Patricia A. Schott Athletic Excellence Center is located adjacent to the Leavey Center and the Degheri Tennis Center. The 50,000 square foot, two-story Athletic Excellence Center provides dedicated space for SCU’s Division I student-athletes to work out, train, practice, eat, and study together. It also provides additional facility options for events and for all students participating in club and intramural sports. The building features two practice gymnasiums; a 9,000-square-foot Bronco Bench Foundation Sports Performance Center; a 4,200-square-foot Stevens Academic Center with study rooms and computer space; a nutrition station; and an 8,000-square-foot sports medicine center.


Finn Residence Hall

Completed in the Fall of 2019 Finn Residence Hall is located at the south end of campus adjacent to Sobrato Hall. This residence houses a new generation of Bronco students opening for the 2019-2020 academic year. This facility has mini-suite style rooms for the students and 1-2 bedroom apartments for the staff members. Neighborhood amenities such as kitchens, living rooms, and study spaces are on each floor as well as a large multi-purpose room and recreational space to round out this student influenced design. 

Benson Cellar Market

Renovation to the Cellar Market was completed in the Summer of 2019. The upgraded market has more square footage and improved finishes to complement the 2018 improvements on the first floor of the building. The market provides grab-and-go foods and drinks. 

Benson 001

Benson 001 is the new home for the Office of Accessible Education and Academic Services. This group moved from the 2nd floor into a larger space to better accommodate the student needs. 

San Filippo Improvements

San Filippo improvements included ceiling replacement, door replacement and new furniture to liven up the space. This work was completed in the Summer of 2019 to welcome the new occupants of the building for the Fall 2019 quarter. 

Salto Lock Conversions

During the 2019 Summer all Salto Locks on campus were converted to new technology to integrate a future mobile credential option to the campus. In addition to retrofitting 2300 locks, new locks were installed in Nobili, Campisi and San Filippo residence halls. 

St. Clare Commons (3395 The Alameda)

Completed Summer 2018

This project created the temporary home for 5 mechanical and electrical engineering research labs. This space will support the students and faculty throughout the construction of the Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation and then these groups will be moved into the new facility.

The Garage (3305 The Alameda)

Completed Fall 2018

This building is housing the mechanical engineering shops and the physics shop during the STEM Surge.  This space, which was once leased out and used as an auto garage and landscaping shop, was remodeled to have teaching labs, offices and student project spaces to support these groups during the construction of STEM.  

Alameda Hall

Completed Fall 2018

Once home to sculptures and ceramics, this space was renovated to be the permanent home for the Civil Engineering materials lab. This space also has a temporary classroom to fulfill the department needs during the Surge. This building now has a new exterior and extended project space in the back of the building.

Daly 200

Completed Fall 2018

Daly 200 is the new and permanent location for the Center for Nanostructures.  This new space is larger than the pre-existing space and was built out to help sustain and grow the program into the future.

Heafey Interior Remodel

Completed Fall 2018

The interior of Heafey saw a full remodel to create temporary and permanent spaces for The School of Engineering as part of the STEM Surge efforts. The combination of Heafey and Bergin now houses the majority of The School of Engineering administrative and academic offices, as well as 20+ classroom/laboratory spaces and a large 2-story collaborative space. 

Benson Memorial Center Remodel

Completed Fall 2018

During the summer the Benson Memorial Center was Rejuvenated!  The first floor, in particular, The Bronco and dining areas, have undergone significant renovation. This work follows the heels of construction that encloses The Bronco Patio.

Bronco Patio Enclosure

Completed Fall 2018

The Bronco Patio, between Benson Center and the Bookstore, is an enclosed addition to the dining area in Benson. This area is accessible from the Benson plaza, and has a glass roof to allow natural light in and open up into The Bronco. Additionally, improvements to the loading dock have been completed to better support the kitchen and bookstore deliveries.

Parking Structure Counter

Completed Spring 2018

The main parking structure has had a new system installed to better count the cars that are occupying the parking stalls in the garage. This project also included an installation of a new sign at the main Kiosk and the north entry to the parking structure indicating the available slots per floor. This system will better communicate to the campus community as well as transportation the occupancy levels of the main parking structure. 

990 Benton

Completed Spring 2018

990 Benton Street the new home to the Ignatian Center. This facility has been remodeled to provide the center with offices, conference rooms and collaboration spaces. This building will provide them a better space to continue serving their mission of promoting and enhancing the Jesuit, Catholic tradition of education.

Franklin Street Conversion

Completed Spring 2018 

To better connect the campus facilities, Franklin Street, from Alviso Street to the Alameda, has been converted to a pedestrian mall. This project connected the buildings north of Franklin Street to the rest of the campus. This conversion better integrates the Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History building as well as the Jesuit Residence Community with the rest of the Santa Clara University campus.

Charney Hall

Completed Spring 2018

The Howard S. and Alida S. Charney Hall of Law is the new home to Santa Clara University’s School of Law. This facility has 96,000 square feet of classroom, office, study and library space. The building is located east of Lucas Hall, Leavey School of Business, and creates a professional partnership between these two programs.

Summer Projects

In addition to major renovations this year, there were several projects completed over the summer including: 

  1. San Filippo Window Replacement 
  2. Sobrato Room Improvements 
  3. Casa Appliance Replacement
  4. Vari and St. Joseph's Roof Replacement
  5. O'Connor Hall Elevator Modernization
  6. Leavey Exterior Painting

Outdoor Volleyball Court

Completed Fall 2017

Two outdoor volleyball courts have been added behind Pat Malley. These will create a space for our intercollegiate beach volleyball team to practice as well as give the general campus community courts to play pick up games on.  

Outdoor Workout Area

Completed Fall 2017

A new workout area has been built in between the Learning Commons and Pat Malley. The area has functional fitness equipment installed including a cargo net, balance beam and a monkey bar system. The area makes a great and accessible alternative to students during times when the gym is closed and will help alleviate some of the congestion inside of Pat Malley. 

Crosswalk Enhancement

Completed Summer 2017

This project added highly visible crosswalks, advanced crosswalk signage and roadway improvements to the two intersections of Lafayette and Franklin Street and Lafayette and Lexington Street.  Pedestrians wishing to use the crosswalk need only to push the activation button to activate the traffic signal controllers, this will stop vehicular traffic in both directions allowing any pedestrian to cross Lafayette Street safely.

Mayer Theatre

Completed Winter 2017

The lobby area in Mayer Theatre underwent some improvements that included the installation of new doors, carpet replacement, upgrades to the water fountains and the addition of an ADA Gender Neutral Restroom. 

Utility Enclosure

Completed Winter 2017

The new utility enclosure was built on the east side of Vari hall. This will be the main hub for the campus utilities that serve Vari, Lucas and Charney hall. The location will also serve as the trash enclosure for the three buildings.

Kennedy Quad

Completed Summer 2017

The Kennedy Quad has been refurbished to provide a space for students to enjoy. Improvements to the location include a new BBQ area as well as a functional space introduced by Housing and Student Life.  The intersection in the middle now has planting and seating around it, with the sand volleyball court as well as the East lawn section remaining intact. 

Alameda Hall

Completed Summer 2016

Alameda Hall (Previously Fine Arts) was remodeled this summer to create additional classroom spaces. This renovation included an upgrade to the mechanical systems, new restrooms, 6 new classrooms, a seminar room and upgrades to AV equipment throughout. Additional entrances and exits were added to the North side of the building creating appropriate egress as well as bringing in some natural light.


De Saisset Flooring and Breakroom Improvements

Completed Summer 2016

Improvements in the de Saisset Museum included new cork flooring in the basement galleries, the California History Gallery and Gallery IV, as well as upgrades to the staff breakroom. These enhancements to the facility will help the staff and visitors alike.


Dunne Hall Renovation

Completed Summer 2016

During the summer of 2016 Phase II of the Dunne Renovation Project was completed. This phase began with the demolition of Kennedy Commons. All the residence rooms inside the building were remodeled along with adding air conditioning units in each room. Restrooms were built to provide a men’s and women’s room on each wing of each floor.  Kitchen and laundry facilities were added to the upper floors (2-5) and a full remodel of the basement with a game room, multipurpose room and kitchen was completed. 


Housing Neighborhood Unit Improvements

Completed Summer 2016

The project included the varying levels of renovations and improvements to the interiors of off campus residential homes used for student housing. The homes will be ready for students in September 2016.


Kennedy Commons Demolition

Completed Summer 2016

In June Kennedy Commons was demolished as part of the Dunne Renovation project. At the time it was built in 2005, Kennedy Commons was one of the first entirely green academic buildings in the U.S. This facility emphasized the importance of sustainable design. Prior to its demolition campus groups went through the building to salvage as many items as possible to reuse in other remodels and modifications around the campus including countertops that went into Campisi Hall, kitchen equipment replacing the existing in Sobrato Hall and furniture and A/V equipment to support the remodeled Alameda Hall (Previously Fine Arts) for use as additional classroom space for the 2017 academic year. 


Leavey Basketball Suite Remodel

Completed Summer 2016

Over the summer the Men’s and Women’s Basketball office suites were renovated. This included painting, flooring, furniture and AV upgrades in both suites. Men’s Basketball also converted 2 offices into a feature conference room and both groups created lobby areas for current and prospective players to gather.


Locatelli Storage

Completed Summer 2016

The Locatelli Student Activity Center converted spaces under the stairwells to create more internal storage for the facilities furniture inventory. Previously all of the tables and chairs were stored behind curtains to the sides of the stage, but now the majority of this equipment will be able to be stored in closets, giving the space a cleaner and more open feel.


Staff and Faculty Housing Improvements

Completed summer 2016

Remodels and renovations to faculty and staff housing surrounding the University.  Some of the projects include bathroom renovations, kitchen remodels, paint and new flooring.


Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building

Completed Spring 2016

The Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History building is located at 775 Franklin Street. The 45,000 square foot building has modern classrooms, art studios, galleries and office space for the Art and Art History programs. More information on the Dowd building is available.


Leavey Floor

Completed Spring 2016

The Leavey Center basketball floor was rebranded this year with a stain of the Mission Church designed by renowned Nike VP, Tinker Hatfield.  This stain is believed to be the first of its kind, as no other known floors have an image of a campus building.  The design was created as part of a series of changes mean to reinvigorate the Bronco Athletic Program.


Softball Park Concessions

Completed Spring 2016

The addition of a concessions stand at the Softball Park began in Winter 2016 and was completed in late Spring.


Men's & Women's Basketball Locker Rooms

Completed November 2015

New locker rooms were built for our men's and women's basketball programs during the Fall of 2015. This new space includes locker rooms, restrooms, lounges, as well as a central training facility.


Guadalupe Hall (455 El Camino Real)

Completed Fall 2015

The interior renovation project of the 75,000 square foot building at 455 El Camino Real was completed in Fall 2015. The remodeled building includes classrooms, laboratory, and office space for the graduate programs in the School of Education, Counseling, and Psychology, and the School of Engineering.


Stevens Stadium and Buckshaw Field

Completed August 2015

The SCU soccer stadium as completed in Fall 2015.  This renovation includes a new grandstand on the west side of the stadium, a restroom facility under the new grandstand, and a press box/VIP suite atop the grandstand.  A plaza Wall was also constructed to enhance the entryway into the stadium.  Stevens Stadium Construction Photos are available for viewing!


SCU Softball Press Box Building and Entry Plaza

Completed Fall 2015

The next phase of the Softball Park has been recently completed.  This phase of the construction included the building of new restroom facilities and a second floor press box.  The SCU Softball Park has gone from a simple practice field to a full complex with dugouts, bullpens, hitting center, restrooms, and a pressbox.


Stevens Soccer Training Center 

Completed June 2015

Made possible by the generous donation from the Stevens family, a new sate-of-the-art Stevens Soccer Training Center has been built.  Adjacent to the soccer stadium, the center provides the men's and women's soccer teams a facility off the field.  This training center provides the teams' facilities such as locker rooms, team meeting rooms, coach offices, video screening rooms, and trainer space to help foster the expansion of the University's soccer program.  SCU News also published a press release regarding the Stevens family's assistance in launching the construction of this new center.  In addition, Soccer Training Center Construction Photos are available for viewing.


Pump House Upgrades and Renovations

Completed January 2015

The project consisted of an aesthetic and mechanical upgrade of the pump house facility.  The equipment was upgraded to ensure it could support the growing and changing needs of the campus.  Additionally, the exterior of the building was redone to match campus architectural standards.  The transition to the new equipment was completed during the campus holiday closure in December of 2014.


McLaughlin-Walsh Residence Hall Remodel and Addition of Lobby Building

Completed January 2015

McLaughlin Residence Hall and Walsh Residence Hall underwent a project to renovate the interior and connect the two buildings into one residence hall, now referred to as McLaughlin-Walsh Hall.  The interior of these two buildings were renovated during the Summer of 2014 and the connector/lobby was completed in January of 2015.  Mclaughlin-Walsh Construction Photos are available for viewing!


Schott Stadium Branding Hitting Center Improvements   

Completed Fall 2014

Branding was added around Schott Stadium including a Santa Clara Baseball banner between the seating and press box behind home plate, inspirational baseball quotes in seating area entryways, and vintage SCU baseball images in seating area entryways. The hitting center was also upgraded to increase the functionality and safety of the space by removing the center post, installing a new netting system, adding new turf, and upgrading the lighting. 


Veterans Dedication and Flagpoles

Completed November 2014

At the entrance to the Main Parking Structure a wall and three flagpoles hanging the American, California, and Santa Clara University flags were built in memory and honor of all members of the Santa Clara University community who have serve their country in peace and war. 


Alviso Street Conversion to Pedestrian Mall

Completed Summer 2014

Alviso street was converted to a pedestrian mall to complete Phase II of the Campus Beautification project. In an effort to create a more pedestrian friendly campus, this road was converted from an asphalt street to a paver lined pedestrian walkway. At the north end of the mall, a new plaza was created and setup with tables and chairs to accommodate the mobile cafe, the Pony Express. 


Main Campus Substation 

Completed January 2014

Santa Clara University completed construction of a new electrical distribution center in January 2014. The distribution center is located next to the Main Parking Structure and includes medium voltage circuit breakers, state of the art digital metering, protection relays, and SCADA system. 

North Campus Parking Structure 

Completed November 2013

The North Campus Parking Structure, located on the Franklin block between The Alameda and Alviso Street, provides parking for approximately 380 vehicles. It is a four level parking structure with a parking counter system showing the number of available parking spaces at each level. It also includes electric vehicle charging stations in the first level as well as self-service kiosks to purchase daily parking permits. The structure was built to accommodate a planned 350 KW solar panel installation on the rooftop. 


Abby Sobrato Mall 

Completed September 2013 

The first part of the project that converted Palm Drive and Alviso street to pedestrian malls was completed with the opening of Palm Drive to pedestrian traffic. This completes part of the campus master plan to create pedestrian promenades that offer safe routes for heavy pedestrian traffic on campus and highlights the Mission Church as the centerpiece of campus. 

Graham Residence Hall

Completed August 2012

Graham Residence Hall complex includes four connected buildings that houses approximately 350 undergraduate students and housing staff in 96 mini-suite units (192 rooms). Graham Hall is made up of four neighborhoods (A-D) each having their own community lounge, kitchen, and laundry room. The residence also includes two classrooms, a multipurpose room, and theater. Additionally, the courtyard offers residents two barbecues, picnic areas, as well as plenty of open lawn space. 


Women's Softball Field 

Completed August 2012

The new softball field project was the first phase in a master plan to construct a new stadium facility. The new regulation-sized field was designed exclusively for SCU's softball program and provides a home field for a team that previously hosted games at various city parks and other schools. The natural grass field has a new drainage system allowing the facility to be used even after heavy rainfall. The project also included completely re-grading the site, installing a new irrigation system, fence, field lighting, and scoreboard. 


Bellomy Field Improvements

Completed July 2012

During the 2012 Summer, a new 208,000 square feet synthetic in-fill turf was installed on Bellomy Field. Additional improvements to the field and surrounding area included a new drainage system, irrigation system, and a new perimeter fence around the synthetic turf area. Additonal lighting and a scoreboard was also installed as part of the project. 


Admissions and Enrollment

Completed June 2012

Admission and Enrollment Services building was completed in early summer of 2012 and formally dedicated to Patricia A. and Stephen C. Schott in September 2012. The Undergraduate Admission and Enrollment Services Center departments are located on the first floor. The Registrar's Office, Financial Aid, and the Bursar's Office are located on the second floor. The lobby on the first floor features a unique reflecting sphere sculpture and contains multimedia displays about SCU, the university's programs, and notable alumni. It also has a large presentation room for prospective students. 

The University Villas 

Completed August 2011

The University Villas townhouse residence project was completed in Summer of 2011. Located on five acres across the Stephen Schott Baseball Stadium, this gated community includes 138 townhouse units, parking, and indoor/outdoor gathering spaces. Additional amenities include outdoor barbecues and kitchens, a volleyball court, bocce ball court, a large social hall, conference room, service desk, and lounge area.


Donohoe Alumni House

Complted January 2011

Donohoe Alumni House, originally built in 1925 was, was completely renovated. As one of the oldest buildings on campus, the project to renovate the building required to complete seismic retrofit. In addition, the building now has easy handicap access, a working elevator, a first floor restroom, a "living room" for meeting and greeting, a large board room for gatherings and events, and expanded office spaces. The project also included electrical system upgrades and a new HVAC system. 


Paul Locatelli Student Activity Center 

Completed June 2010

The Paul Locatelli Student Activity Center was completed in honor of Fr. Paul L. Locatelli, S.J., who served as the University's president for 20 years. The eco-friendly building features a ventilated and sky lighted second floor, exterior trellises, arcades, and shaded patios. The 6,000 square foot multipurpose room with 20 foot ceilings serves as a center for student clubs and activities. It is located between the Leavey Event Center and Stevens Soccer Stadium


Sullivan Acquatic Center

Completed October 2008 

Sullivan Aquatic Center opened October 26, 2008 to the Santa Clara University community. Located between the Leavey Center and Pat Malley Recreation Center, the pool is now Olympic sized and has a movable divider to help accommodate recreational and competitive usage simultaneously. The aquatic center provides 7 lanes for recreational use with the remaining space used for water polo practices and games. 


Ricard Observatory

Completed Fall 2008

The Ricard Observtory was remodeled to be used as the Archeology Research laboratory. The Observatory now includes an archeology lab to study the artifacts discovered on campus, as well as display a room for viewing the rich history found on Santa Clara's campus.