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University Operations, encompassing a variety of campus services, ensures that the SCU experience is enjoyable for everyone.

University Operations

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  • SCU Main Campus Aerial 02-25-18

    Santa Clara University Aerial Views

    Over the years, the Operations division has collected aerial photos of the campus, capturing the changes that have been implemented on this beautiful campus. 

  • Benson Patio List Item Image

    Bronco Patio Enclosure

    The Benson Patio project will add an enclosed space between the Benson Center and the Bookstore, creating additional square footage in the dining area. A glass roof will allow natural light into the area, minimizing the need for additional lighting features. Additionally, loading dock improvements are also made to better support the kitchen and bookstore deliveries.

  • 2018 Construction Impact Title Slide

    Construction Impacts

    Throughout the 2018 calendar year the Campus will be impacted by several major construction efforts, and the Operations division would like you to please be aware of the following safety reminders.
    1. No unauthorized persons may enter any construction site without authorization of the general contractor. 
    2. Any Santa Clara University visitor to the site needs to be accompanied by a staff member from Planning and Projects within University Operations
    3. Safety vests, hard hats, closed toe shoes and long pants are required on the job site at all times.

    For further information on 2018 construction we recommend viewing the Summer 2018 Construction Impacts


  • Finn Hall Ground Breaking

    Finn Hall Ground Breaking

    Finn Residence Hall will be built on the south end of campus adjacent to Sobrato Hall. This residence will house a new generation of Bronco students opening for the 2019-2020 academic year. This facility will have mini-suite style rooms for the students and 1-2 bedroom apartments for the staff members. Neighborhood amenities such as kitchens, living rooms and study spaces will be on each floor as well as a large multi-purpose room and recreational space to round out this student influenced design. 


  • Visitor Parking

    Facilities Visitor Parking Change

    All visitors are required to check into the Facilities building in order to obtain a daily parking pass.  Visitors must park in spaces marked as Visitor or 1-Hour Contractor. If all parking spaces of these two types are filled, a visitor can park in the spots labeled "C", as long as they have a visitors pass displayed. Parking passes are good for the day it is given. If a visitor wishes to park in the lot for several days, a pass must be acquired for each day they plan on parking. 

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Market Street - 852 and 832 market are getting painted and will be completed shortly.

Leavey Paint Project - Scaffolding will begin to come down Monday and the project should be done in the next two weeks.

Benson Center  - Floor prep is going on as the installation will be happening soon. A water shutdown to the building is scheduled for this upcoming Monday from 8:00 p.m. to 3 a.m.  A power outage is scheduled for August 15th.

Heafey/Bergin - Boiler work has completed at the site, with a crane pick scheduled August 18th and 25th. Move in is scheduled for December.

Alameda Hall - Sheet rock is now up in the building and framing is being poured shortly with a schedule to be determined.


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