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University Operations, encompassing a variety of campus services, ensures that the SCU experience is enjoyable for everyone.

University Operations


COVID-19 Updates

Please see informaton below for COVID-19 updates from University Operations. If you have questions or concerns, please consult SCU's COVID-19 website and its regularly updated “frequently asked questions” section. You may also email questions to

As we’ve reiterated in previous campuswide communications, we ask everyone to do their part to comply with the California shelter in place executive order. Please avoid coming to campus unless necessary

Our priority is to keep our campus safe and reduce the spread of COVID-19 within our community. As you may know, we still have nearly 300 students still living on or near campus who are permitted to stay here because of extenuating circumstances. Their well-being and safety is of utmost importance to us as well as those employees who have to come to campus to perform mission-critical services. Working from home is the best way we can all help protect these students, faculty and staff as well as yourselves and your families. We all need to help “flatten the curve” by preventing the potential for spreading illness in our buildings and allowing those that must remain on campus to be able to focus on the most mission-critical activities. We will review these directives as the crisis unfolds and will adjust as appropriate based upon guidance from our county medical officer.

On Campus Mission-critical Services: The shelter in place order has provisions that allow some individuals to be on campus if they perform mission-critical services. We recognize that all of our faculty and staff are critical to SCU, but not all work during this crisis requires presence  on campus. Only those that perform services which can be done only on-campus should physically be here. All other work should be performed remotely.  

To this end, we have asked each dean and vice president to identify those faculty and staff who are needed to be on campus to perform mission-critical activities, keeping in mind the definition of mission-critical services. These services include work done by some employees in facilities, security, safety, IT, housing, dining services, Cowell Health Center and other key areas identified by leadership as supporting the key academic function of the university.

Critical Faculty Functions: We appreciate all the work our faculty has done to transition to virtual classes.  Activities necessary to support our transition to remote learning are considered mission-critical during the shelter in place order.  Our strong preference is that faculty work remotely as much as possible but realize that there may be some extenuating circumstances including access to technology. Please see a separate email sent from the Provost Office on how to request classroom access for spring quarter. In addition, personnel whose work is necessary to ensure the ongoing viability of research such as maintaining living organisms and conducting critical laboratory maintenance procedures are deemed critical. These have been identified and approved by the Provost Office. 

Access to Campus and Campus Safety                                 

Vice presidents and deans have submitted the names, buildings and activities that require certain individuals to be on campus. This information will allow us to focus our operational resources to those locations in-use. It also provides Campus Safety with information to help with our shelter in place implementation.  

Those deemed to have mission-critical, campus-based tasks will maintain their current access through the duration. If you have an essential need to access a building that you do not normally have access to, you will need to coordinate with Campus Safety Dispatch by calling 408-554-4441. Campus Safety will confirm your name with the list provided by your Vice President or Dean prior to granting access to a building you do not normally have access to.  

One-time, Necessary trips to Campus:  We also recognize that some individuals may have the need to access campus for a one-time “grab and go” of materials from their office to allow them to perform their mission-critical duties remotely. We ask that you make one trip and keep it short if at all possible. Please maintain social distancing, minimize activities in your building, and avoid social gatherings during your time on campus.  A “grab and go” visit does not require your registration on the critical services list. 

Equipment Guidelines: If using your existing SCU ergonomic office equipment will assist with your work from home, we ask that you seek your manager’s approval before removing it.  Examples could include computer monitors, ergonomic keyboards and mice, headsets, monitor risers, etc. Office task chairs or equipment attached to the building however should not be removed. Please plan on returning all equipment back to your campus work location when the current crisis has abated.

We realize this is a very stressful and unsettled time for all of our valued faculty and staff and your families. Know that we are grateful for everyone’s patience and flexibility. Thank you for doing your part in helping keep our community healthy and safe. We look forward to the day when we can reopen campus and return to a much more open campus environment.

If you have questions or require additional clarifications, please do not hesitate to reach out to

The Santa Clara County Public Health Department issued a Risk Reduction order that is currently in effect. To assist in compliance with these orders, we will be locking the exterior doors of most campus buildings until further notice. Please refer to the Buildings and Services section of the COVID-19 FAQ page for further detail by building. 
If you have a critical need to be on campus, your ACCESS card (or keys) will get you into your building and your office. If you have a critical need to access a building that you do not normally have access to, you will need to coordinate getting access with Campus Safety Dispatch by calling 408-554-4441. 
You will need to have your campus ACCESS Card with you for Campus Safety to verify your association with the University. 
For more information visit the website at
Thank you for your patience during this time of uncertainty.

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