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University Operations, encompassing a variety of campus services, ensures that the SCU experience is enjoyable for everyone.

University Operations

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    Facility Manager Meeting

    The semi-annual Facility Manager meeting was held on April 19th, 2017. This meeting covered updates on current and future projects, Facilities, and gave individuals the opportunity to speak and ask questions on relevant topics going on at Santa Clara University. Click the image on the left to be taken to the Campus Program page, where you can review slides from the current and previous Facility Manager meetings.

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    Charney Hall of Law

    Charney Hall has been under construction since October 2016.  The building framework is now complete and exterior enclosure has begun.  Work will continue with little or no disruption to the campus; no outages; a few scheduled closures of Sherman St., Franklin and Palm Drive this summer.  Work will be substantially complete by early January 2018.  All Law School moves from Heafey-Bergin, Bannan Hall and the NCIP (900 Lafayette) will be completed during March 2018.  This allows for remodeling of Heafey-Bergin to begin as early as April 2018.

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    Kennedy Quad

    Set to be completed in June 2018, the Kennedy Quad is being improved to create a space for students to enjoy. This area will have a new BBQ space, the sand volleyball court, along with a proposed function space near Dunne. Housing and Student Life are working out what they envision going into this space. Head over to the Campus Projects section for more details.

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Charney Law School Site - Framing, electrical and mechanical work continues at the future SCU law building.   There is a crane pick scheduled for Saturday June 3rd, this will cause Sherman St. to be closed for the day.

Kennedy Quad Landscape - Irrigation is set to begin on site next week. The fencing will come down shortly once the top soil has been brought up to grade level.


Kennedy Quad Landscape - All of the sidwalk, flat work and light poles are set and in place. The only details left to complete before this project is finalized are the top soil and irrigation which is sheduled to be in place soon.

Charney Law School Site - Exterior framing, glass windows, and the roof are all soon to be installed items at the site.


Art and Art History - A crane will be placing the second and final sculpture inside the DOWD building this morning. There may be traffic congestion on Alviso Street due to the crane.

Kennedy Quad Landscape - Flat work has been completed and light pole fixtures are being poured today. Landscape work will follow closely after with a project wrap up scheduled in the next few weeks.

Charney Law School Site - Concrete continues to be poured and is scheduled to close Sherman Street for one day next week. A crane pick is scheduled for June 3rd, likely closing Sherman Street for the day.


Charney Law School Site - Exterior framing of the building is starting to go up with the first floor framing mostly complete. Check back for future updates regarding Sherman Street closure and crane usage which is expected to take place in late May.

Bronco Day - This event is scheduled from 12pm-5pm this Saturday, April 29th.

Art and Art History - The second and larger sculpture to be placed in DOWD will be positioned next Wednesday, May 3rd. A crane will be used on Alviso St. to set the sculpture, however the schedule of this crane is TBD.

Law School Graduation - Commencement is scheduled for May 20th at 9:30am and will take place at the Mission Gardens.

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