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University Operations, encompassing a variety of campus services, ensures that the SCU experience is enjoyable for everyone.

University Operations

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  • Charney Hall of Law

    Work on the new Law School Building, Charney Hall of Law, located at the previous Third Mission Lot, continues to progress. We are continuing to work with Cultural Resources to uncover and preserve archaeological features and are relocating some of the utilities that ran underneath the lot.  The current scheduled start date for Devcon to begin construction is October 5th.  The 96,000 square foot building is expected to be completed by Fall of 2017.

  • Dunne Hall Project

    Phase l of the Dunne Hall Project began in June 2016 initially involving the demolition of Kennedy Commons. Construction is now moving forward beginning with a complete renovation of interior rooms, restrooms, and lounge areas.  Texture and painting is going well and on course for its scheduled completion time of September 2016 to allow usage during the upcoming Fall Quarter.

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Charney Hall - There will be a lot of activity on the Charney site in the coming week with quite a few dump trucks coming and going.  Please use caution around Sherman street and the site.


Parking Garage Entrance from Palm Drive Closed - Next week from Tuesday 10/18 to Thursday 10/21 the entrance to the main parking garage will be closed due to construction.  You will be able to enter the garage from Sherman Street and the exit onto Palm Drive will remain open.

AAH - The dedication for the new Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building will take place tomorrow at noon. While it is an invite only event, a live stream can be found on the College of Arts and Sciences home page.

Utility Enclosure - Sherman St. will be closed for half of today due to work on the utility enclosure.

Charney Hall - Demolition continues at the future law school site with removal of concrete progressing and archeological phase one beginning this upcoming Monday.


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