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Franklin Street Conversion

Project Description

To better connect the campus facilities, Franklin Street, from Alviso Street to the Alameda, has been converted to a pedestrian mall. This project connected the buildings north of Franklin Street to the rest of the campus. This conversion better integrates the Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History building as well as the Jesuit Residence Community with the rest of the Santa Clara University campus. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, this conversion also enhances safety in a high pedestrian traffic area that accesses academic, housing and parking facilities. The first phase of this project was completed in 2018, with the intention of converting the remaining areas of Franklin Street in the future. This will create an east-to-west corridor between the historic Santa Clara downtown, expanding public transit options at the Santa Clara Caltrain station and the Coleman Highline. Perhaps no street within the city of Santa Clara is more important than Franklin Street. A part of the original city grid laid out in 1847, it has not changed location in over 150 years. Shops, businesses, a trolley system, and residences depended on this roadway.  It was also home to the original C.C. Morse Warehouse, which is now Ferry-Morse the largest seed company in the world. Find out more about Franklin Street on the Cultural Resources website

A conceptual drawing of the conversion can be seen here.

Project Data

  • Program – Campus Circulation
  • Landscape Architect – Guzzardo Partners
  • Architect – Devcon Construction Inc.
  • Contractor – Devcon Construction Inc.

Live Construction Camera

Check out the live stream of the construction.

Construction Photos Slideshow