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Recycling & Waste

The Recyclng and Waste team provides the Santa Clara University Community with exceptional recycling, landfill collection and disposal services. SCU's goal of being Zero Waste (90% diversion) by 2020 is well on its way. Currently, we are at a 59% diversion rate which places SCU on its way to our projected goal. Our Recycling and Waste team is here to improve, protect and preserve the environment at SCU by properly collecting all reusable materials that do not belong in landfills.

Provided Services

Recycling of the following items:

  • Batteries
  • Books / Magazines
  • Bottles (glass & plastic)
  • Cans (tin & aluminum)
  • e-Waste*
  • Ink Cartridges
  • Paper & Cardboard

Contact Facilities to schedule e-waste pickup & disposal. We do not encourage dropping off e-waste at Facilities.

*It is the computer owner's responsibility to remove all personal data off the hard drive.

Confidential Shredding

It is the computer owner's responsibility to remove all personal data off the hard drive. 

Contact our Waste and Recycling Supervisor directly.

Waste & Recycling Services Supervisor

Brian Bettencourt



Our Recycling and Waste team members are Adolfo Plascencia, Eugenio Ramirez, and Hugo Carrillo

Submitting a Service Request

Service requests can be submitted online through the AiM system which allows for the creation of new Service Requests, as well as the ability to monitor and query for existing Requests. Faculty, Staff, and Students* are welcome to use this online tool.  Email Facilities to get your AiM login information.

We highly encourage customers to submit requests Online; however, you can alternatively choose to send an email to or call the Customer Service Center at (408) 554-4742.

*Students, please access AiM through your eCampus login