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Auto Shop

The Auto Shop is run by our mechanic Greg Epremian, and is the central location for services and repairs pertaining to all SCU-owned vehicles.  The shop is equipped with lifts, compressors, jacks, and a wide array of tools and components required to service vehicles in the SCU fleet whether it be gas, electric or diesel. Greg performs annual maintenance, tune-ups, and complete services of all fleet vehicles. Typical items that Greg will repair or replace within the fleet include radiators, fluid leaks, dead batteries, ignition problems, brakes, wiper blades, broken mirrors, tires, and several components located on and inside vehicles. Along with repairs done on an as-needed basis, we've utilized our work management system, AiM by Assetworks, to create preventative maintenance to assist the shop in running as efficiently as possible.

Auto Mechanic

Greg Epremian 

Phone: (408) 554-5329


Regular Office Hours: M-F 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM

While our auto mechanic has day to day tasks in the shop pertaining to vehicle upkeep and problems that arise unexpectedly, Facilities has implemented an impressive preventative maintenance schedule to ensure vehicles are accessible and usable when needed, and spend their time on the roadways and not in the shop. This is done by calculating the common lifespan of a variety of parts, fluids and other items located within the vehicles we own and service. Our work management system then generates work orders based on when scheduled services are to be performed. By creating a schedule for our fleet we are able to fix issues before they become one. This in turn extends the useful life of our vehicles, minimizes equipment downtime, and prevents unexpected work stoppages.