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Facilities Services

The Facilities Crew for Santa Clara University is responsible for an array of services including Building Maintenance, Landscape Maintenance, Custodial Services and more. The dedicated professionals that comprise this group take pride in the work they do for the campus customers. 

Provided Services

Events, Moves and the Stockroom are now overseen by University Support Services. Please use the below links for more information about these services.

Every approved work order is given a priority based on the severity of the issue.  For example, hot water issues in a building, an overflowing toilet, or a dead battery on a door lock would each be given a high priority of 01.   A light repair, water pressure adjustment, or paper towel dispenser issue would each fall in the 04 priority range. The following list shows all priorities and their respective time periods to which work orders should be completed.

Priority Description Time to Resolve
01 Immediate Attention 2 Hours
03 Urgent  2 Days
04_01 Routine Request 5 Days
04_02 Routine Request 10 Days
04_03 Routine Request 15 Days
04_04 Routine Request 20 Days
05_12 Long Term Work 2 Months
05_24 Long Term Work 4 Months
05_36 Long Term Work 6 Months

Submitting a Service Request

Service requests can be submitted online through the AiM system which allows for the creation of new Service Requests, as well as the ability to monitor and query for existing Requests. Faculty, Staff, and Students* are welcome to use this online tool.  Email Facilities to get your AiM login information.

We highly encourage customers to submit requests Online; however, you can alternatively choose to send an email to or call the Customer Service Center at (408) 554-4742.

*Resident students, please access AiM through your StarRez portal