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Lab & Shop Equipment

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    Emergency Eyewash & Showers

    Where there is a possibility of  a hazardous or injurious eye, face and/or body exposure, emergency eyewash and shower equipment shall be within 10 seconds of travel time/55 feet from recognized hazard.

    • Flush contamination from eyes/skin using the nearest emergency eyewash/shower for a minimum of 15 minutes.
    • Monthly inspections are noted on the adjacent inspection tag
    • Emergency Eyewash & Shower Program
  • Restrain-Cylinders
    Compresed Gas Cylinder Storage and Management

    Compressed gas cylinders are found in many laboratories and shops througout the university.  Their storage and use pose serious potential hazards for all employees and students who may be in the vicinity of, or who may handle gas cylinders.

  • New Equipment Purchase
    New Equipment Purchase - EHS Review Required

    EHS must evaluate in advance all laboratory and shop equipment purchases (including donated equipment). Proactive review will enable EHS to identify if the selected equipment requires special provisions for installation and use, which if not identified in advance of purchase, could prohibit or delay its use.