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Move Services

Move Services is designed to assist staff and faculty with various on campus move needs. Move requests around campus are generally free, however charges may be applicable depending on the amount of furniture and boxes in the request, along with the amount of labor resources available during the requested move time. Typically, a move should not consist of more than a few pieces of furniture and some boxes.  If a move does require an extensive amount of time and labor, you may be referred to an outside vendor. For any other move-related questions contact Ed Merryman at x5076.

Provided Services

  • Assistance with office relocation
  • Removal of old or unused furniture
  • Assistance with moving boxes and furniture

Move requests may take up to 10 business days to complete, depending on the time of year and current workload. If you have a specific day that a move must take place, the move request must be submitted at least one week prior to the desired move date. However, this is not a guarantee that your request will be fulfilled as requested.  After we receive the request, you will be notified within 2 days if we are unable to perform the move.

Submitting a Service Request

Service requests can be submitted online through the AiM system which allows for the creation of new Service Requests, as well as the ability to monitor and query for existing Requests. Faculty, Staff, and Students* are welcome to use this online tool.  Email Facilities to get your AiM login information.

Provide the information below as necessary.

  • Origin of items to be moved & destination
  • Number & size of items
  • Available times for the move to occur
  • Special instructions

All moves performed are expected to be within campus grounds. If your move requires off campus pickup or delivery we recommend reaching out to an external service provider.

We highly encourage customers to submit requests Online; however, you can alternatively choose to send an email to or call the Customer Service Center at (408) 554-4742.

*Students, please access AiM through your eCampus login