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Event Services

Business Hours

6:00 AM - 2:30 PM, M-F

The Event crew provides all Event-related setup as needed for Faculty, Staff, Students and Guests. Guests must have an SCU affiliated sponsor to complete the Event Request.  Requests must be submitted via the Event Request Form located on this page. Please read the Event Services Policy prior to submitting your request.  

Services Provided

  • Event Delivery and Setup 
  • Event Breakdown and Pickup
  • Irrigation Support (performed by Landscape crew)
  • Electrical Support (performed by Utilities crew)

Event Services drops off and picks up trash bins for events, but does not service them. The event requestor is responsible for having trash bins emptied during and after the event. 

Important Details Regarding Service Requests

  • Event requests must be submitted at least one week in advance
  • Same-day pickup is required for all outdoor events
  • If your event is outdoors, please review the Aerial Fire Lane Map to ensure your event location is not blocking any Fire Lanes
  • Event Services will contact you directly if we cannot fulfill your request
  • SCU has published event requirements related to COVID-19 for all events taking place on-campus. Please read the requirements and ensure that your event meets all requirements before placing a request. 

Other Event Services Information

  • Take a look at the Weigand Room Styles options
  • Back to back events can dry out the lawn making is susceptible to lawn disease and overall appearance. We may deny events in order to ensure the grass is kept healthy.

If you are considering an outdoor event on campus, there are rules and regulations that must be followed regarding the setup and location in order to stay in accordance with the Santa Clara Municipal Fire Code. University Operations has created an aerial map showing all designated fire lanes that are to remain unoccupied regardless of the event.  If you are an Event Planner, please compare the area(s) you are considering for an event space with the aerial map provided below and review the following information to ensure no violations occur.

Aerial Fire Lane Map

  • The PDF above is an outline of the Santa Clara University Fire Lanes.  The red lines that have diagonal hatching throughout are off limit areas.  Under no circumanstances are these routes to be blocked for any period of time for an event.  In addition, designated fire lanes shall not be obstructed by the parking of vehicles or any other equipment including but not limited to tents, stages, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Tents over 400 Sq. ft. will require a permit through the Santa Clara Fire Department. (An exception for this permit may be granted if the tents will have all sides open for the entire event). 
  • Hanging lights, banners, etc. are to be no lower than 14'.
  • Fire lanes on the streets on campus are identified by red painted curbs

High priority events take precedence over others as the are typically on an annual basis and have a school-wide impact on equipment and locations. Because of this, equipment and labor may be limited during these times.

High priorty events include:

  • Family Weekend (February)
  • Preview Days (April)
  • Unity (April)
  • Law Commencement (May)
  • Undergrad Commencement (June)
  • New Student Orientations (Summer)
  • Feast of St. Ignatius (July)
  • Staff Faire (September)
  • Welcome Weekend (September)
  • Grand Reunion (October)
  • Open House (October)


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