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Project Request

Campus customers can request renovation and remodeling projects by completing the Project Request Form and submitting it to their Department Head, Dean or Vice Provost for approval. Projects requested by academic units should use the Provost form, and projects requested by administrative units should use the Administrative form. Projects are encouraged to be submitted during the "open call" time during the Fall of each year. These requests are evaluated for funding in the upcoming fiscal year.

Project Requests must contain the following information:

  1. Date of Request
  2. Requestors First and Last Name
  3. Requestors Phone Number
  4. Building and Room Number where the work is being requested
  5. Explanation of the purpose and needs for this project. Use additional pages if needed
  6. Desired Date of Project Completion
  7. Funding Source (if applicable, i.e. budget string, gift, grant, etc.)
  8. Project Contact (Name and Phone Number of who will handle the coordination of the project)
  9. Necessary signatures of approval for this project

Approved projects will be passed along to the Planning and Projects staff to begin the budgeting and design process. Please be sure to use the correct version of the form for your circumstance; if you belong to an academic unit use the Provost form, and if you belong to an administrative unit use the Administrative form.

Additional details for submitting the form can be found on the PDF itself. Contact Planning and Projects at (408) 554-4987 with any questions or concerns.