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Campus Planning

Campus Master Plan

Santa Clara University is constantly planning for the future. University Operations is working closely with all groups to ensure that the Santa Clara 2020 – Integrated Strategic Plan, becomes reality.  Planning and Projects is working with various University stakeholder and consultants, to implement the updated Campus Master Plan. This plan includes the construction of multiple new buildings and major remodels, to support the increase in enrollment and associated growth in staff and faculty.

Some of the upcoming projects include:

  • Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building - Completed
  • Charney Hall of Law - Completed
  • Sobrato Campus for Innovation and Discovery - Completed
  • Finn Residence Hall - Completed
  • Renovation of Benson Memorial Center Basement - Completed
  • Athletic Excellence Center - Completed

More information about Santa Clara 2020 can be found on the Strategic Plan Home Page.

Campus Design Standards

The design standards used in Planning and Projects for all University projects are based on three divisions,

  1. Site Guidelines
  2. Building Guidelines
  3. Precinct Studies

Site Guidelines - Site guidelines provide a set of design principles to guide the siting of buildings and formation of open spaces. These guidelines include,

  •  Linear Framed Views
  •  Discreet Outdoor Rooms
  •  Modest Entrances
  •  Rectilinear Building Form
  •  Legacy of Landscape Features
  •  Covered Walkways and Arcades

Building Guidelines - Building guidelines highlight the key architectural form and character appropriate to building design. These guidelines include,

  •  Building Scale & Massing
  •  Architectural Character
  •  Porches & Arcades
  •  Ground Level Treatment
  •  Building Entrances
  •  Windows
  •  Materials & Color
  •  Roof Treatment

Precinct Studies - Precinct studies provide examples of applying site design and guidelines to a specific precinct to create a coherent site design concept for that area.