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Space Data

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Space Management allows you to access individual Building Information. The Property Profile Guide, will give you instructions as to "How to Access Property Profiles" in AiM for access to additional property information.

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Property Profile Information

The Property Profile main page provides information such as the address, a picture, property type, property class and information about all rooms and facilities.

Individual Room and Facility Information provides information such as the department, organization, location type, floor, capacity and primary usage.

Inactive Locations show the inactive locations of the property, including the individual unoccupied rooms. 

Floor Information provides information about number of floors and if there is a basement or exterior. Specific individual floor information provides gross square footage, sprinkler coverage, height, elevation and usability.

General Information provides information about parking; if the property features smart building capabilities, a redundant system, standby power, or a cable vault; and dates of when the property was built, occupied and purchased.

Financial Information provides information about the purchase cost, land cost, structure cost, estimated value and land owned. 

Aerial Maps

If you're looking for the SCU aerial maps, click the button below to see the most recent images.