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EHS Training

Each employee’s training plan is dependent on the potential hazards of where they work and what they do. The EHS training requirements for employees apply to Faculty, Staff and Student Employees. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring their employees are properly trained.

The Levels of EHS Training

Level 1 – New Employee EHS Orientation (EHS NEO): All new employees are required to complete the New Employee EHS Orientation Course. Student Employees take this course online in Camino and Faculty/Staff can either complete this class in-person with EHS during the HR sponsored New Hire Orientation or take it online in Camino.

Level 2 and 3 – EHS Work Area Specific Orientation and EHS Hazard Specific Training: All new employees need to complete with their supervisor the appropriate work area specific orientation checklist. One checklist is for office areas and one is for academic shops, labs, studios and other technical spaces on campus. 

Training Instructions

 The EHS training requirements for visitors and volunteers are dependent on:

  1. Location they are working
  2. Nature of their activities
  3. Duration of visit

Below are instructions and all forms necessary for visitors and volunteers.

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