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Chemical Spill Response

In event of a chemical spill, the individual(s) who caused the spill is responsible for prompt clean-up and notification. The following are general guidelines to be followed for a chemical spill. More detailed procedures may be available from your Department Laboratory Manager.


In case of eye or skin contact with hazardous materials:

  • Immediately wash affected area with water 15 minutes.
  • Notify Campus Safety (Extension 4444 or 408-554-4444) or 911
  • Notify the Lab Owner

Call EHS at extension 4742 (408-554-4742) for spill cleanup assistance if:

  • You need help, do not have the proper PPE or do not have the appropriate training.
  • The spill may result in an environmental impact by entering the sink or floor drain or produces hazardous vapors or could become an emergency in a short period of time.
  • Has occurred in a common area or corridor.
  • The spill is greater than 1 liter.

The following apply to cleanup for spills greater than 1 liter for those who have been trained:

  • Notify colleagues and isolate the area.
  • Put on appropriate PPE (e.g. safety glasses, lab coat, nitrile inner gloves, solvex outer gloves, shoe covers)
  • Surround the spill by pouring absorbent along the outer edge or use the spill pads if the spill is small
  • Slowly add sufficient absorbent, starting at the outer edge and moving in toward the center to soak up the spilled liquid.
  • After 3-5 minutes, sweep used absorbent into one of the plastic bags, close securely with tape or tie, double bag and return to this fiber drum.
  • Affix yellow hazardous waste label to this fiber drum.  Write the current date on the "Accumulation Start Date" portion of the label, also complete the "Contents Composition", "Physical State", "Hazardous Properties" sections.  Add pertinent information at the bottom of the label as appropriate.

Contact EHS for Pickup at 4742 (408-554-4742)

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For additional questions, please contact