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Crosswalk Safety

During the course of an average day at Santa Clara University there maybe as many 10,000 people traveling on or near campus - in cars, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles, skateboards, scooters or on foot.  This makes the main campus and surrounding area very dangerous if you do not pay attention.  Pedestrian safety is up to everyone.
Did You Know:  You can be fined $238 + for failing to yield to pedestrian in a crosswalk.


Take Time to Cross Safely
  • Cross intersections carefully - DO NOT assume a vehicle will stop
  • Take extra care at dusk and dawn.  Solar glare, darkness and rain can make it difficult for drivers to see you
  • Use pedestrian crosswalks and obey pedestrian walk/do not walk signals


Stop for Pedestrians
  • Beware of other drivers yielding for pedestrians
  • Beware of solar glare
  • Stop for pedestrian in the crosswalk