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Equipment Safety

Compactor Safety

Only Authorized Personnel are permitted to operate compactors.

Assistant director, grounds and maintenance maintains the list of authorized compactor personnel.

Powered Industrial Trucks

Powered Industrial Vehicles include high lift trucks, front end loaders, and tractors.

Must be a certified operator to drive a Powered Industrial Vehicle.

Safe Driving Policy

The safety and well-being of our employees is of critical importance to Santa Clara University.  We therefore have a responsibility to not only protect ourselves when on a vehicle roadway or Santa Clara University property, but do our part to protect those are around us.  

Nail Gun Safety

Nail guns have replaced hammers in wood construction activities. They are powerful, easy to operate and boost productivity for nailing tasks. Nail guns are a leading cause of injury among residential carpenters and responsible for an estimated 37,000 emergency room visits each year, of which 60% are occupationally-related. Puncture wounds to the hands and fingers are most common, but more serious injuries and deaths still occur using nail guns.  
All nail guns have potential to cause serious injury. Using a nail gun with a bump or automatic trigger (also known as a contact trigger) can result in unintended nail discharge. Other risks include lack of training, working fast and keeping the trigger squeezed when not nailing. Using a single nail gun with a single shot or full sequential trigger reduces the risk of injury.