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General Safety

SCU is committed to protecting the environment and providing a safe and healthy campus and workplace.

General Safety Programs

Program Basics

The purpose of this program is to minimize ergonomic hazards and repetitive motion injuries (RMIs) at Santa Clara University (SCU) in compliance with California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 5110. This program includes:

  • Ergonomics training for employees
  • Identifying, treating, and tracking work-related repetitive motion injuries
  • Providing worksite evaluations of jobs that have caused repetitive motion injuries
  • Modifying worksites that have caused repetitive motion injuries


All employees working at a computer workstation for an extended period of time should conduct an ergonomic self-assessment to ensure their workstation is properly adjusted. We have an online self-assessment tool which will guide you through the proper setup of your workstation.

Effective November 2013, an online ergonomic self-assessment must be completed and submitted prior to requesting an in-person ergonomic assessment from the EHS Department. When completing the online self-assessment, you will be asked if you want to request an in-person assessment. Priority for in-person assessments is given to those experiencing pain/discomfort while working at their workstation and those that cannot adjust their workstation to meet the conditions outlined in the self-assessment tool.

If you have any questions, please contact Sean Collins.

Many workplaces contain spaces that are considered "confined" because their configurations hinder the activities of employees who must enter, work in, and exit them. A confined space has limited or restricted means for entry or exit, and it is not designed for continuous employee occupancy. Confined spaces include, but are not limited to underground vaults, tanks, storage bins, manholes, pits, silos, process vessels, and pipelines. Confined spaces can be further defined as permit required or non-permit required confined spaces. 

Entry into confined spaces at Santa Clara University is strictly controlled. The following documents describe requirements for working in confined spaces.


Working at Height Permit is required prior to commencing work if working at heights of six (6) feet or greater where no fall protection is in place; working from a ladder over twenty (20) feet in height; scaffolding work where the work platform is six (6) feet or higher from the ground or floor; and see program document for other situation where fall protection is required.

Only those trained and determined to be able to competently use the fall protection equipment are permitted to do so.