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University Operations Updates

University Operations is constantly working to improve the Santa Clara University campus is a safe and sustainable way. Here is an update on what we have been up to this Summer and what’s to come this academic year and information on services provided. 


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    Facilities Customer Service Center (CSC)

    The Facilities Customer Service Center is ready and waiting to help you! Just a friendly reminder that non-emergency requests can be entered by phone, email or AiM. EMERGENCIES should always be called in directly to the Facilities front desk. Below is the contact information for the Facilities-CSC. 

    Don't have an AiM login? Email Facilities today to get set up to put in your customer requests online! 

    • Hours of Operation: M-F 8 am - 4:30 pm
    • After Hours Support - 408-554-4441
  • Key&Lock

    Campus Lock Systems 

    Across the SCU campus there are several lock systems being used. To familiarize yourself with the different systems and to identify what you have in your campus area please visit our website. This page will give you helpful information about how to use your lock and what different lights that might appear mean. The systems across campus are: 

    • Hard Key Locks - Standard Key Lock
    • Onity Locks - Dip Style Locks
    • Salto Locks - Tap Style Locks
    • SecureAll Locks - FOB Access (Only used in Schott AES and 475 El Camino, 2nd Floor) 
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    New ACCESS Cards

    Have you picked yours up yet? The new ACCESS Cards are part of a technology change that was completed over the Summer. Old ACCESS cards will no longer be updated or programmed. Stop by the ACCESS Office in Benson to pick yours up! 

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    Custodial for Campus Events

    Are you hosting an event on campus? Don't forget to coordinate your custodial services too! As a reminder, post-cleaning custodial service is required for all events that are hosted on campus. This applies to both indoor and outdoor events. For more information please review the policy

  • Open mailbox with letters

    Mailing Services Reminders

    Please keep the below information in mind to ensure that you building's mail is routed properly!

    • Proper address format for incoming Faculty/Staff mail:
      • Recipient Name
      • Department Name
      • Santa Clara University
      • 500 El Camino Real
      • Santa Clara, CA 95053

    Mailing Services delivers mail to the department to which it is addressed. It is the responsibility of each department to forward mail both on and off campus. Please include department name on all mail. Mailing Services does not sort by room number or building name, and mail should not be addressed to buildings or room numbers. Please notify correspondents of proper address format. Mail improperly addressed will be delayed and/or returned.

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    Campus Lighting Audit

    Throughout October and November, a full campus lighting audit will take place. This work will not disrupt any daily activities around campus. The information from this audit will help us to better plan change-outs and retrofits of lighting across our campus facilities. 

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    Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation

    We “Topped-Off” STEM at the beginning of the school year with a great event that brought the whole school together. This building will be the largest built in Santa Clara University history and will bring together SoE and CAS in an integrative and collaborative space. SCDI will open in the Fall of 2022 welcoming in the class of 2026 to the Bronco family.

  • AEC

    Athletic Excellence Center

    The Steven C. and Patricia A. Schott Athletic Excellence Center broke ground in the Spring and this Summer the construction began to come out of the ground with the first tilt-up panels around the practice courts going up. This project is slated to be complete in Summer of 2020. Follow along with the progress from the Live Construction Camera!

  • Finn Construction

    Finn Residence Hall

    Finn Residence Hall opened its doors this Fall for the class of 2022. This residence hall houses approximately 360 students in the 120,000 square facility with central lounge spaces on each floor and study space in each neighborhood. This residence hall houses the Cura RLC focused on the care for the whole person. 

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    Benson Memorial Center

    Benson Memorial Center had multiple improvements this summer including: 

    • Cellar Market Remodel
    • 001 Remodel - Accessible Education Office
    • University Credit Union
    • 2nd floor modifications

     Stop by Benson and see all the changes for yourself!

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    Kenna Hall Painting

    As part of routine maintenance Kenna Hall exterior painting was completed this summer. This 95 year old building is looking pretty good for its age!