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Jenny Brown

Jenny Brown

Senior Administrative Assistant

Position Description:

  • Manages 3 access control systems and oversees the Facilities Customer Service Center

Direct Responsibilities:

  • Manages day-to-day operations of the Customer Service Center
  • Assists with access control requests and issues for Onity, Salto, and SecureALL locks
  • Provides administrative and light technical support to University Operations staff

Hired in 2007


  • B.S. Psychology from Santa Clara University 2006
  • M.A. in Couseling Psychology from Santa Clara University 2012

Where did you grow up? 

Morgan Hill, California. Yes, people live there. It is not just a place people drive through to get to Southern California.

Favorite thing about SCU?

The sense of community

What's the most important lesson you've learned in the last year?

Never give up!


Tennis, hiking, cooking, hand-lettering, and cross-stitch

"Even when I was a student worker at Santa Clara University, I was treated with a great deal of respect. My co-workers (students, faculty, and staff) were kind and willing to lend a hand if needed. I have also found that there really is a genuine sense of community in the working experience here at Santa Clara that I find refreshing and very different from other work environments."

(408) 554-4742