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David Cajigas

David Cajigas

Director of Business Services

Position Description: 

  • Leads a team that provides customer service for all campus maintenance requests

Directly Responsible for:

  • Providing materials and managing the Facilities stockroom
  • Supporting the systems and technology used by the University Operations groups across campus
  • Providing administrative support for all capital projects 

Hired in 2005


What/where is home?

I grew up in New Jersey and most of my family is there but I moved to San Jose in 1991 and consider it home.

Can you roll your R’s?

Yes, I thought everybody could.

When you tie your shoes, do you use one bunny ear or two?

One loop, I did not get the bunny ear instructions as a kid but I had to check before answering.

What is your favorite jellybean flavor?

I have not had a jellybean recently, I would pick fruit flavor like strawberry.

Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?

I prefer sunsets, to me a sunset lasts longer than a sunrise.

How long do you think you could Hula Hoop for?

I think could keep it going for 1-2 minutes. Last summer my daughter and I met an adult group at a local park that meet monthly and showed us how to hula hoop. She has one and practices but I learned and could keep it going. The trick I learned is feet shoulder width with one foot in front of the other not side by side.

(408) 554-5293