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Business Services Campus Programs

Business Services has several outreach programs where we try and involve the rest of the campus community in the happenings of Operations.  One way we involve the campus community is by sending out an annual facilities survey to gain valuable feedback about how our actions affect members of campus.  We also involve members of the community through our volunteer facility manager program, which gives us liaisons to each facility.  Finally, we share quarterly updates with the campus to keep the community apprised of our actions.  Read more about each of these programs below.  

Definition of a Facility Manager

The Facility Manager in this case is the person designated by the organization responsible for a facility or portion thereof to serve as the organization’s representative regarding facility maintenance, custodial, landscape, and moving/events support issues for that facility. In some cases, one person functions in both capacities. In other cases, there are two separate facility managers for the same area.

For more information please see the Facility Manager Program

History of the Program

The origins of the Facility Manager program stem directly from the Mission Statement of the Facilities Department and our desire to strive towards our vision and goals. The initial program was developed for the Office of Housing and Residence Life and soon expanded to all campus buildings. 

For more information, read about "The History of the Facility Manager Program."

Facility Manager Meetings

The most recent Facility Manager meeting was held on November 10th, 2022. Click the link below for the presentation. 

Past Meeting Slides 

To submit changes to the Facility Manager's List please contact Facilities.

View list of Facility Managers or Mechanic Assignments.

Facilities welcomes your feedback and comments regarding areas where we can improve our operations in order to better assist you. We are only able to improve on what we know is broken. Thank you for taking the time to provide your input!

Annual Survey Results

Here are the results of the most recent Customer Survey done by University Operations. Please feel free to review and contact us with any additional feedback by contacting

If you missed participating in the annual Customer Survey you can still send Facilities feedback at anytime! Just email

Work Order Surveys

Our online work request system automates email notification to the requester's of work orders when their requests have been completed. Along with the completion confirmation, the email has a link to a quick survey. This survey is meant to allow customers to evaluate the specific work that was just completed. These surveys are automatically emailed to the supervisors of the crews so that they can review and followup if needed.

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