Business Services


David Cajigas Director of Business Services (408) 554-5293
Cathy Roman Administrative Associate (408) 554-4730
Jenny Brown Senior Administrative Assistant (408) 551-7151
Lourdes Morales Senior Administrative Assistant (408) 554-4987
Tim O'Keefe  Business Applications Technology Manager (408) 554-4013
Austin Woitte Technical Specialist (408) 554-3552

Student support is vital to the continued success of department operations. Though management of the student support team resides under the Facilities department, large project based support is provided to all University Operations divisions: Campus Safety, Facilities, Projects & Planning, and Utilities.

Daniel Anaforian Environment, Health and Safety
Jordan Cho Space Management
Joseph Connors Document Management
Kyle Yi Asset Management
Ally Marecek Front Desk
Bailey Merryman Front Desk
Nicole Burgess Front Desk



The Business Services team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to the campus community and University Operations. We provide customer support to the campus for a wide range of facility maintenance issues, internal billing and projects administration. We provide support to University Operations teams for technology applications and hardware, maintain inventory for stockroom materials, and financial planning and budgeting. 

The Business Services department works directly with the campus community to help provide quick and timely service to all requests. This department is made up of several functions including Customer Service Center, Stockroom and Technology.