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Brian Bettencourt

Brian Bettencourt Picture
Brian Bettencourt

Landscape Supervisor - Grounds, Waste & Fleet

Position Description:

  • Provide leadership and supervision to both in-house and contract resources in planning, budgeting, and implementing landscape, waste, recycling, and auto shop, maintenance, development, and capital renewal programs under the division of University Operations at Santa Clara University.

Direct Responsibilities:

  • The Team is composed of 20 union crew members in 3 crews; three Landscape Technicians, thirteen Gardeners, one Auto Shop Mechanic, two Recycle/Waste Removal Technicians, and one Recycle/Waste Removal Specialist.
    • Supervise, direct, and control the day-to-day maintenance and repair work of department and contractor maintenance and repair personnel.
    • Establish and manage the daily routine for waste and recycling services across campus.
    • Responsible for University Operations fleet vehicles including all trucks, carts, and electric vehicles.

Hired in February 2016

Get to Know Brian: 

Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in San Jose, California.

Favorite thing about SCU?

My favorite thing about SCU is the ability to grow in my career. 

When you tie your shoes, do you use one bunny ear or two?

I tie them with two bunny ears. 

Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?

I enjoy them both. 


Hunting, riding my Harley, traveling, and concerts.


Phone: (408) 554-2750