First-Year Undergraduates


First-year student of Santa Clara University who live in a campus residence hall are not allowed to bring cars on to campus for their Fall through Spring quaters. Upperclassman are not allowed to purchase parking permits for first-year student. The privilege of on-campus parking for both the upperclassman and first-year student can be permanently revoked if this occurs. More information about the First-Year Student Parking Policy can be found First-Year Student Live-On-Campus Residency Parking Policy


Because of a shortage in parking, especially during special events, the University decided that restricting permits for first-year residents would be the fairest solution. The University encourages first-year student to live in residence halls, so they are surrounded by opportunities to get involved. Most on-campus organizations provide their participants with transportation if it is required. There are a number of on-campus jobs available through BroncoLink.

Exceptions to the Policy

Students who transfer from another college or university and have completed a full school year are allowed to buy parking permits. First-year student who can provide adequate evidence that they will face hardship are able to apply for a permit by filling out the .

Shopping and Transportation

There are many shopping areas located conveniently near campus. The ASSCU, in conjunction with the Office of Student Life, plans a number of student events and activities throughout the school year to provide first-year student with a myriad of things to do on campus; however, The University's Transportation Pagelists provide a number of public transportation alternatives for first-year student.