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Emergency Assembly Points

Emergency Assembly Points (EAPs) are designated areas on campus, which are to be used in the case of emergency situations. They are intended to provide a safe area for individuals to stand, while waiting for emergency personnel to respond.

Characteristics of Assembly Points

  • Open areas - a minimum of 40' away from buildings
  • Easily and safely accessible
  • Large enough to accommodate all building occupants
  • Located away from power lines, poles, trees, gas lines and vehicles
  • Accessible to emergency medical personnel

Adjustments may be warranted due to difference in height, size and occupancy classifications of individual buildings. Final determinations on Emergency Assembly Points sites are made by the Environment Health & Safety division manager. 

You can also view the Emergency Assembly Point Map.

This document is intended to describe actions taken by SCU staff during a major emergency that requires an evacuation of Stevens Stadium during Commencement Ceremonies.