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Campus Safety

Emergency Telephone

(408) 554-4444


Philip Beltran Director (408) 554-5082
John Thomas Loretto II Assistant Director (408) 554-5082
VACANT Manager, Emergency Planning (408) 554-4749
Millie Kenney Director, Parking & Transportation (408) 551-1699
Lusiana Khouw Administrative Assistant (408) 554-4775

Watch Commanders

Michael Brady Watch Commander
Philip Livak Watch Commander
Tracy Cox Watch Commander
Raymond Yee Watch Commander
Charli Colhour Assistant Watch Commander
Lavonne Ledbetter-Baker Assistant Watch Commander
Dan Ruiz Assistant Watch Commander
Amanda Jo Wilson Assistant Watch Commander
Tyler Masamori Assistant Watch Commander

Campus Safety Officers

Harry Adjei Nikko Santos
Mike Collazo Matthew Spieth
Alex Casadonte Baird Tarr
Frank Hinkle Stanley Tuyor
Samantha Henry Alex Vanzile
Chris Lasserot Jeffrey Wall
Toby Reyes Frank Wilczewski
Jason Rodriguez  

Non-Emergency Telephone

(408) 554-4441


Campus Safety is dedicated to ensuring the safety, security and peace of the University campus. They maintain a campus environment that is accessible and inviting to students, faculty, staff, and guests. They are the primary protectors of the University. It is their duty to be the first responders to medical, fire and other emergencies.