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Timothy O'Keefe

Tim O'Keefe

Business Applications Technology Manager

Position Description:

  • Provides technical assistance and support for the use of technology and software applications

Hired in June 2012


  • Degrees in Economics and Political Science from Santa Clara University, 2012
  • Santa Clara University, School of Law - Graduation May 2017


Get to know Tim:

What/where is home?

I was born and raised in San Jose, CA and currently reside in Santa Clara, CA.  I have been a part of the SCU community since 2008, so I would say that SCU has become my home.

Can you roll your R’s?


When you tie your shoes, do you use one bunny ear or two?

I can tie my shoes both ways, but Mrs. Alexander in kindergarten taught me how to tie them with 2 bunny ears, so I use that method most often.

What is your favorite jellybean flavor?

I think it is easier to list the flavors I don't like than the flavors I do.  Not because I don't like jellybeans, but because there are some flavors I REALLY don't like (like Licorice).  

Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?

When I have the discipline to get up early enough, I prefer sunrises because they represent a new beginning.  Getting to see a sunrise usually means that there will be a nap that day, and I also enjoy naps.

How long do you think you could Hula Hoop for?

Maybe 30 seconds?  I was not much of a hula-hooper growing up, so I don't know if that is a long time or a short time, but it sounds about right.

(408) 554-4013