EMS System

The Energy Management System allows Utilities to control various mechanical systems throughout the University, including heating, air conditioning, lighting, and indoor air quality from a central computer which prevents extreme temperatures within rooms and conserves energy.

Solar Project

Solar panels were recently installed on the roofs of Pat Malley Fitness Center, Leavey Event Center and the Parking Structure.

University Operations Lighting Downgrade 


"To save energy by lowering the overall measurable light levels while raising the level of perceived lighting in the operations offices."- Chris Watt, Director of Utilities

A Lighting Downgrade?

Although the lights have been replaced with new and improved fixtures, the amount of energy being used is substantially less than what was used prior. Hence, the downgrade of the lighting footprint and energy costs.


Utilities contracted with Summer & Sons Electric to provide and install a general lighting system which is both aesthetically pleasing and as energy efficient as possible. This was accomplished with the use of:

  • Highly efficient T5 fluorescent lighting
  • New direct/indirect T-bar lighting fixture layout from Lightolier which uses approximately 40 percent less energy

While the overall light levels are lower, the actual effect is a warmer environment with the occupants enjoying a less harsh, indirect lighting system which "feels" bright and more comfortable. New lighting controls were installed which automatically raise or lower the lighting levels in the space via dimmers to use as much outside light as possible while maintaining even lighting levels across the offices.

Persons with questions regarding this project may contact Utilities Director, Chris Watt via »Email.


Energy Management Systems