Permits & Fees


Parking Permits are REQUIRED for all vehicles on University property.

**Note: People coming to use Library/Gym must pay for a Daily Permit from Main Gate or from Leavey Center or North Campus Parking Structure Paystations.

**Please do not use Mozilla Firefox when ordering permits on eCampus. We recommend using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

  **Permits for the 2015-2016 year will go on sale on June 15.  New prices are as follows:

Permits: B (Faculty/Staff only), C, CN, CW, E (Non-Resident) ELaw & S

Annual $350
Semi-Annual $245
Quarterly $160
Monthly $60
Daily Permit $7
Daily Permit (after 5pm) $6
Motorcycle $75

Reduced Fee Lot Permits: D-Bellarmine, D-St. Clare, F, F-UVIL

Annual $225
Semi-Annual               $160
Quarterly $100

Reduced Fee Lot Permit: D-UVIL

Annual $275
Semi-Annual               $200
Quarterly $130

Night Permit: (N) for lots B, E & F, after 4:30 PM

Annual $175
Semi-Annual               $125
Quarterly  $80

To purchase your permit, please login to your ecampus account.  To request a replacement for a Lost or Stolen permit, you must complete a Lost/Stolen Permit form. Replacement fee is $10.

Motorcycle Permits

Motorcycle permits are available to faculty and staff who purchase an annual permit for no additional fee.  Once your vehicle permit has been fully processed you can begin the application for the motorcycle permit. 

Carpool Permits

Carpool permits are also available.  You must fill out the application online to qualify. »Info 

BarBri Permits

BarBri permits are available to purchase at the price of $125.  If you are or have been a student at SCU, you can fill out the application on your Ecampus account.   Otherwise, please report to Transportation Services to obtain the application.  Once the application is turned in, you will be issued a temporary permit for two weeks until the BarBri permit has been processed for pickup at Transportation Services.

SCU Campus Safety Services Privacy Statement

Campus Safety Services is committed to the safety and protection of your personal information. We restrict the use of information collected by the online system to the sole purpose of processing transactions to purchase parking permits. 

What information do we collect?

We collect information from you when you execute a purchase through the university.  We collect some personal information which may include your name, address, and/or other personal information, as well as credit card number, expiration date, and CVV code for a credit card transaction. The credit card information is collected by the University’s business partner, a PCI compliant credit card processing company, for the purpose of this transaction only. The University will not retain your credit card information. »Info


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