Renewable Energy


Santa Clara University has a goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions to a level 20% below 1990 emissions by the end of 2010. In addition to the installments and generation of renewable energy on campus, improving energy efficiency of the University's existing buildings and equipment is one initiative to help us achieve the larger goal of climate neutrality.

Purchase Wind Generated Energy

  • This initiative is complete and will achieve an annual carbon dioxide reduction of 3,220 metric tons. Read about SCU's recent wind energy purchase. »Info
  • Santa Clara University purchases 11,256 mW-hrs of renewable wind energy from Silicon Valley power. This amount is equal to the annual output of three and a half wind turbines.

Install Solar Panels on Campus

  • The first 50 kilowatt system on the roof of the Support Services building was activated in June 2007. Read more about the installation and the rebate from Silicon Valley Power. »Info
  • Santa Clara has won honors from Silicon Valley power by installing the 338-panel solar system. Read the full article. »Info
  • The University's target is 1000 kilowatts of capacity, which will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 5,220 metric tons. Design and fundraising efforts are underway to complete the remainder within three years.

Natural Lighting On Campus

  • Over 90% of public space in the Learning Commons is exposed to natural light.

Wind Generated Energy

Solar Panels on Campus

Estimated Carbon Dioxide Reduction: 

5,880 Metric Tons