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Facilities Administration

How do I contact the Facilities Department staff?

A Facilities receptionist can be reached at 408.554.4742 between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm or by e-mail at Facilities-csc@scu.edu. For specific department contact numbers and e-mails, consult our department's contact list.

Where is the Facilities building located?

Facilities is located in building #604 on the far south side of campus near the corner of The Alameda and El Camino Real. Please note that the Facilities building is not accessible through the main entrance to the University. Directions to the Facilities building can be downloaded here. Additionally, you can view our location on the University map at http://www.scu.edu/map.

Can I request items directly from the Stockroom?

Moving boxes should be ordered directly from the Stockroom; call 408.554.5271 and provide the quantity of boxes requested as well as your Speedtype account number. Boxes will not be issued without an account number. For all other items, please contact the University Purchasing Department at 408.554.4364. 

What is the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) department responsible for? Why would I need to contact them? 

The Environmental Health & Safety department is responsible for monitoring all issues on campus regarding the health and safety of individuals and the environment. Areas of interest include indoor air quality, asbestos and hazardous waste removal. The majority of issues are initially reported through the Facilities Customer Service Center and later routed to the EHS department for processing. If you have questions regarding EHS services, please contact the EHS manager, Sean Collins at 408.554.5078.  

Can on-campus departments and organizations request the use of an Electrical Vehicle for an on-campus Event?

No. Though Facilities does maintain a small fleet of Electrical Vehicles, they are used for daily operations and thus, we are unable to loan out our vehicles for special events due to the impact on department operations.

Facilities Emergency Response

What do I do if I have an emergency at Santa Clara University?

When an emergency occurs, the most important thing to remember is to remain calm.

  • If the emergency IS life threatening, contact 911.
  • If the emergency IS NOT life threatening, contact Campus Safety at 408.554.4444.
  • If the emergency is Work Order related and DOES NOT require Fire, Police, Ambulance or Security personnel, contact Facilities at 408.554.4742.

How do I know what to do in the state of an emergency at Santa Clara University? 

A set of emergency scenarios with proper responses has been defined by the University and can be found in the Emergency Procedure Handbook. If you have further questions regarding emergency situations, please contact the Director of Campus Safety, Phil Beltran at 408.554.4444 or the Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Sean Collins at 408.554.5078.

Where can I find information in the state of an emergency at Santa Clara?

There are variety of resources which allow you to obtain this type of information. Some of the technologies available to the University to disburse information include: the University website, mass phone message notifications, and the University cable channel. If technology is impeded, information can be obtained by contacting the Benson information booth at 408.554.4000 or in person, reading the local newspaper, listening to the local radio, and watching the local news.

What is the difference between a primary and secondary escape route? When do I use one or the other?

All buildings on campus have been equipped with evacuation maps that display both the primary and secondary escape routes to use in case of an emergency building evacuation. The primary route is the most efficient route for exiting a building and should be used when possible. If the primary route is blocked by danger, the secondary escape route is to be used. In the rare situation where both routes are blocked, exit the building by any SAFE means possible. Campus Safety will perform a sweep of the building and assist any occupants with exiting.

Are there defined evacuation procedures for people with disabilities?

Yes. Please make yourself aware of the defined procedures in order to evacuate or to assist others with evacuation in the event of an emergency. A list of individuals with disabilities is maintained by the Office of Disabilities Resources. This information is used to assist rescue personnel with evacuations. 

What is the purpose of the Emergency Assembly Points?

The Emergency Assembly Points have been designed to both assist rescue personnel with gaining access to the buildings and to ensure the safety of building occupants. Building occupants are to remain at the designated "points" until instructed to either return to the building or to leave campus. Once at the designated point, emergency services will be provided, information will be disbursed, and a head count of building occupants will occur. 

Who should I contact if I have questions about the escape route and emergency assembly points?

The task of defining and adjusting the emergency escape routes and assembly points resides with the Environmental Health & Safety department. Please contact Sean Collins by e-mail or at 408.554.5078 with questions.

In what situations should I use the Emergency Call Boxes? 

The Emergency Call Boxes have been placed throughout campus for use in any situation in which the services of Campus Safety are required. They can be used to report emergencies, request an escort across campus, report possible crimes, or any other situation which you deem appropriate. The call boxes provide a direct line of contact with the Campus Safety dispatch, which are available 24 hours a day.

Facilities Recognition

Who nominates Facilities employees for awards? Can I nominate someone?

Facilities participates in the Staff Recognition awards ceremony each year and thus nominations for awards are handled through the standard procedures defined by Human Resources. Alternatively, if you'd like to thank a Facilities employee, you can send an e-mail to their direct supervisor.

Why was the Santa Clara University campus on the TRANE calendar?

Santa Clara University is the largest TRANE customer on the West Coast- boasting almost a $1 million Energy Management System (EMS). For its pure beauty, the Arts & Sciences building was chosen to grace both the front and back cover of the 2003 TRANE calendar.

Facilities Managers

What is the difference between a Facility Manager and a Facilities Event Manager?

A Facility Manager is the person designated by the Deans who is responsible for a facility, or portion thereof, to serve as the organization's representative regarding facility maintenance, custodial, landscape, and moving/events support issues. Facility Event Managers secure the required event support directly from Facilities Special Services. The event managers help the University community best obtain the services of Facilities for their event.

Who is the Facility Manager for my building?

A listing of all of the Facility Managers for each building is available on our website.

Does every building have a Facilities Manager?

No; properties which reside on the outskirts of the main campus community often do not have assigned managers. Since many of these properties only have a handful of occupants, a manager is not assigned. Any individual can choose to perform the Facility Manager duties on behalf of their group.

What is the Facilities Manager Program? What is its purpose?

The Facilities Manager Program is a Facilities Department initiative that supports increasing quality of services to our customers, improving quality of work life and more efficiently using our resources. This is accomplished by providing designated point of contact in each building for communications with Facilities on maintenance, custodial, landscape and moving/event support services. 

Do I contact the Facility Manager for Landscape requests as well? 

No; all Landscape requests should be placed through Facilities for the specific outer areas of concern. If you are using AIM Online, select Site=Landscape and you will be provided with a list of all exterior locations.

Facilities Surveys & Feedback

Who do I contact with feedback for the Facilities Department?

Please email us at Facilities-csc@scu.edu with any feedback or commentary. We appreciate any input you may have and value your opinion. 

Who should I contact if I still don't see any improvements after submitting my feedback/complaint? 

We apologize in advance if you do not see any improvements after your feedback has been submitted. In these rare occurrences, send an e-mail to Facilities-csc@scu.edu with "Feedback/Complaint yes to be addressed" in the subject line. If submitted through one of our online tools, we will locate the feedback/complaint and address it. If not, please re-detail the feedback/complaint in the email.

Facilities News

Who develops the University Operations' goals and initiatives?

The initiatives and goals were defined when the department was originally established. However, they are reviewed by the management team for each respective division on an annual basis. If changes are required, they are made at that time. 

How do I know when there are facility manager meetings?

If you are a Facility Manager, you will be notified by Facilities through email roughly one month prior to the next meeting. If you are not a Facility Manager, you can check the Facilities website for information regarding past and future meetings.

What is the training challenge?

The training challenge is a competition that the Recycling and Waste Management Program entered to accept a challenge to train for 52 weeks. The Facilities Department realizes the importance of training and that the University will reap the benefits of this challenge.

What is TRANE? 

TRANE is our provider of indoor air temperature and quality systems. Santa Clara University is the largest TRANE customer on the West Coast boasting an Energy Management System (EMS) that's almost $1 million and allows the University heating and air conditioning to be monitored and controlled from a centrally located computer in the Facilities Department. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about the on-campus improvements and projects?

All project related questions and concerns should be directed to the Projects & Planning department 408.554.4987.

Facilities Sustainability

What are the electrical vehicles on campus used for? 

The electric vehicles on campus are used by the Facilities Department for landscaping, custodial, and recycling needs. The silent vehicles benefit both students and working faculty/staff as Facilities activities continue 24 hours a day. 

How much does it cost to charge the electric vehicles? 

It takes roughly 8 hours to fully charge an electric vehicle at a cost of $0.50 to the University. 

What are the advantages of using electrical vehicles? 

Electric vehicles release zero emissions and are virtually silent, reducing noise pollution. The small wheel-base and large interior of the vehicles make small landscaping areas easily accessible. The small size of the vehicles also allows them to be used on pedestrian paths throughout the interior of the campus.

What has SCU done to ensure energy conservation? 

In an effort to reduce the overall energy consumption level, the University has created an acceptable temperature zone of 68° to 78° for all rooms on campus. Exterior lighting is controlled by our Energy Management System which accounts for natural light and weather conditions when assessing if additional light is required. Solar panels, energy efficient windows, and motion sensors for overhead lighting are also used to conserve energy.  

What can I do, where can I bring recyclables that SCU does not recycle? 

The University prides itself on recycling a wide range of items. If you have something which you question we recycle, contact Chris Young at 408.554.4875, and he will be able to inform you of the recycling opportunities.

Where can I bring items (clothes, books, etc.) that I want to get rid of by donating them at the end of the year? 

Various organizations can be found on campus accepting donation items during move-out weekend. In addition, there is a GoodWill store a couple of minutes down the road on El Camino as well as a Salvation Army store on Taylor Street in San Jose open year round. 

Where is recycled water used on campus? Will it harm me? 

All areas use recycled water for landscaping except the area west of Alviso Street, including the Mission Gardens. The recycled water will NOT harm you. It is continually regulated, monitored, and tested to ensure that the water quality far exceeds its intended use. 

Is it more cost-effective to use recycled water? 

Yes, the use of recycled water results in a savings of approximately 40% off of our water bill. More importantly, it promotes a sustainable lifestyle and protects a valuable natural resource.

Facilities Custodial Services

How do I get a schedule of when my office is being cleaned? 

 Private office spaces are cleaned once a week, check the schedule to find out when your office will be cleaned. On days other than your designated day, please put your trash can outside your office door to be emptied.  If you have any questions regarding the University cleaning schedule, contact Susan Rodriguez at 408. 554.2793. 

What do daily custodial services of my building entail? 

 Daily areas of service include the vacuuming and dusting of all common space in a building (hallways, restrooms, lounges, etc.). Restrooms receive additional attention and are provided with refills of paper products and soaps. 

Who do I contact if I need additional cleaning services? 

Further custodial services are contracted out on a yearly or per need basis. If you would like to have any additional or specific custodial services performed, please fill out a request on AIM Online

Can students request cleaning services? 

Certain residential areas are included in the maintenance contract for routine cleaning. All other spaces are to be cleaned by the residents residing in the rooms. If there is an item which requires special attention, students are asked to contact the Housing office at 408.554.4900.

Facilities Services

What services does the Facilities Services team provide? 

The Facilities Services team provides basic event setup, consisting of inventory items held on-site (chairs, tables, podium, and small stages). They also assist with inner-campus moves of items such as boxes and furniture.

How many days in advance do I need to submit an Event Request? 

In order to ensure that resources are available and that non-chargeable events remain as such, we require that Service Requests be submitted at least FIVE working days in advance. If requests are submitted with less than FIVE working days notice, we are unable to ensure that the request will be handled.

Where can I find a list of equipment that I can request for my event? What if Facilities doesn't provide what I need?

A list of equipment that can be requested for Events is displayed on the Even Request Form found on the Facilities Services webpage. If there are items which you require that Facilities does not maintain in-stock, contact Gary Vargas at 408.554.4749, and he will provide you with a referral. 

Is the Event Request Form preferred over requesting through FAMIS online?   

Yes! Event Requests MUST be submitted on a completed Event Request Form. All other forms of submission will be discarded. Utilizing the Event Request Form provides the most accurate means of ensuring that your Event Equipment will be delivered on-time and without incident. 

Who do I contact on the day of the event if something is missing or the set up is wrong? 

As soon as you notice an error in delivery, contact Facilities at 408.554.4742 and provide the start time of the event, along with the missing/incorrect items. Facilities personnel will attempt to resolve the issue immediately.

Facilities Landscape

How do I make a Landscape Maintenance Request? 

Landscaping Service Requests can be submitted through AIM Online, via e-mail to Facilities-csc@scu.edu or via telephone 408.554.4742. If submitting requests through AIM, please select Property = Landscape in order to receive a listing of outer areas (as opposed to a listing of buildings). 

How often is the landscaping of SCU serviced/maintained? 

The Santa Clara University landscape is on a detailed schedule of mowing, pruning, fertilizing, etc. based on the type of plants located in each area; sunlight exposure is one of the determining factors. It takes a large effort to both maintain a beautiful campus, while at the same time minimizing disruptions to students, faculty, and staff. 

Why do I see the gardeners pulling out flowers, just to turn around and replant new ones? 

The blooming stages of flowers occur on a cyclical basis. In order for the University to look its best all year long, flowers which are not currently blooming are often removed and replaced with others appropriate for the current season. 

How is gum removed from sidewalks/walkways? 

The Landscape Crew responsible for power washing the sidewalks/walkways, stairs and other outer areas where gum has been ground into the pavement. Power washing occurs on a pre-determined cyclical basis; however, if there is an area which is in dire need of a cleaning, please submit a request through AIM Online.

Facilities Recycling & Waste

How do I receive additional recycling containers for my office, classroom, or building? 

To request additional recycling containers for your office, classroom, or building, place a request with Facilities through AIM Online or via telephone 408.554.4742.

Where can I recycle non-standard items such as batteries, books, e-waste, ink cartridges, etc? 


  • Residence halls: All the service desks at the residence halls are equipped to accept them.  
  • Rest of campus: Send these items through campus mail to Facilities.


  • Residence halls: Place items next to the trash in the trash enclosures.
  • Rest of campus: Submit work order to Facilities-csc@scu.edu to arrange for pick-up. 


  • If it's a hard back book, we don't bother recycling it, UNLESS there is a large quantity. Call Facilities at 408.554.4742 for a pick-up.
  • Paperback books can be thrown in any paper recycling container. 

If you have any questions about particular items, please contact Facilities at 408.554.4742.

Is the Recycling Program limited to just faculty and staff? 

No; the Recycling Program was created with students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors in mind. Recycling bins are set up throughout campus in order to assist all campus community members with participation in the program. 

What does Facilities do with the special items that get recycled (i.e. books, computer components, batteries, ink cartridges)? 

Every item sent to Facilities for recycling is processed by local vendors (some of which travel to the campus to pick up the items, and others which we deliver off-site). All items are properly recycled in order to extend the natural resources of the Earth. 

What is the Recycling pick-up schedule for the buildings on campus? 

Recycling containers located in common areas are emptied on a nightly basis. Recycling containers located within offices should be emptied into the blue recycling bags located in the common areas in order for the items to be taken away by Facilities. We currently are not staffed in a capacity which allows for individual recycling bins to be removed each evening.

What is the Waste pick-up schedule for the buildings on campus? 

Waste is removed from common areas on a nightly basis, and from interior offices on a weekly basis. The designated night for cleaning your office will be the same as the removal of waste. The cleaning schedule is posted online on the Custodial Services page.

Facilities General Maintenance

Why should I submit my service requests through AIM? 

The preferred method of Service Request entry for Facilities is through AIM, our online Service Request System. By placing requests through AIM, requesters are able to provide exact information to the technicians who will be responding to the request. Additionally, AIM provides the capabilities to query past requests for status checks.

What requests can I NOT use AIM for?

AIM online should not be used for Event Support, Key cutting/duplication, and Lock Change Requests. Additionally, emergencies of any kind should always be called into Facilities at 408.554.4742.

How quickly can I expect a request to be completed? Can I provide a specific completion date? 

The General Maintenance Crew works off priority calculations to arrive at due dates for all requests. Emergencies are to be completed within 0 days, Urgent within 5 working days and Routine requests within 10 working days. Though you are able to request a completion date, we are unable to guarantee such requests at this time.

My request feels overdue; who do I speak with to confirm this? 

Contact the Customer Service Center at 408.554.4742 or via e-mail at Facilities-csc@scu.edu to inquire about the due date of a Work Order. They are able to view the date in the system and get back with you immediately. If your Work Order has become overdue, they will inform the supervisor that someone has checked on the status of the Work Order.

Facilities Events & Moves

Where do I turn in the Event Request Form? 

Return the completed Event Request Form to Facilities via e-mail as an attachment to Facilities-csc@scu.edu, by fax to 408.554.4734, or through inter-campus mail.

How do I schedule a Move Request? 

Submit Requests through AIM Online or submit requests through e-mail to Facilities-csc@scu.edu. Please provide the following information when submitting a move request: 

1) Requester name & extension 

2) Origin of items to be moved & destination 

3) Number and size of items

4) Available times for the move to occur 

5) Special instructions 

Do I have to be there when my Move Request is taking place? 

You do not need to be present when your Move is occurring. Please label all items to be included in the move, and additionally, provide the information to Facilities when you submit your Service Request. 

How do I let Facilities know what to move and what to discard? 

To ensure that the correct items are moved or discarded, attach a post-it with the phrase "move" or "discard" on each item at the pick-up location. Additionally, include the information in the Service Request when you initially contact Facilities. 

How many days of advanced notice is needed for an Event/Move Request?

To ensure that resources are available, we require five working days advance notice. Requests submitted less than five working days in advance may incur charges or may not be scheduled. If either of these two situations were to occur, you will receive notification via e-mail. 

Will Facilities provide moving boxes? 

 The moving budget does not include moving boxes. If you require boxes, contact the University Stockroom at 408.554.5271 and place and order. You will be required to provide your name and Speedtype account number. The boxes will be available for pickup or can be scheduled for delivery through campus mailing services. 

If I schedule a Move Request, can Facilities dispose of items that I no longer need?

Yes, Facilities is capable of discarding old and unwanted furniture by using the metal & e-waste recycling capabilities available to the Department. 

Can I place an Event Request through AIM? 

No. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept event requests through AIM due to the large amount of specific information which must be gathered. We've found that the best way to process these requests and ensure that customers receive exactly what they request is to use the Event Equipment Request Form.

Facilities Keys & Locks

How do I submit a Key or Lock Request?

Download the Key and Lock Request Form from our Keys & Locks Service Requests page and provide all required data. You can then submit the form to Facilities as an e-mail attachment to Facilities-csc@scu.edu, by fax to 408.554.4734, or through inter-campus mail. Account information is required in order for your Request to be processed. 

How will I know when the key is ready for pick-up? 

Upon fulfillment of the Key Request, an e-mail will be sent to the key holder to appear in person at Facilities to sign for the key. If the key holder will be unavailable, a designated person can be sent in his or her place, but only if he or she has a signed Key Pick-up Authorization form

What if I personally cannot pick up the key? 

If the key holder cannot pick up and provide a signature for the release of the key, another individual can be authorized to do so by utilizing the Key Pick-up Authorization form.

Can I request specific times for students to access the building with their Access cards?

Yes, all keyless entry locks (Onity locks) can be programmed to grant access only during specific days and times. When emailing Facilities requesting student access, specify the days and times you want the student to have access to the room(s). 

Do I have to request a lock change if I lost my key, even if I have a spare? 

In order to ensure the safety of all occupants within a building, the safest option is to have the locks changed when any keys are lost. At the time the Lock Change Request is placed, indicate the number of keys needed for all occupants which require access. 

Can I request duplicates of file cabinet keys? 

No, Facilities is currently not equipped to duplicate any keys other than room door keys. However, if you have locked items in a cabinet which you need access to, Facilities will drill the lock out for you. Please fill out a General Maintenance Request for this service. 

Who should I contact if I get locked out of my room/building? 

When locked out of a room or building, contact Campus Safety at 408.554.4441.

Facilities Emergency Service Requests

If Campus Safety is contacted after hours, do they come out and respond to the emergencies, or do they contact someone else? 

The Campus Safety office is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you contact Campus Safety at any time, they will respond to you. There are no contracted security officers on campus; they are all University employees. 

In what health emergency situations should Campus Safety be notified rather than EMS or 911? 

If you ever question whether you should contact 911 with a health emergency, please do so. Though trained in basic emergency response, Campus Safety officers are not a substitute for ambulatory care.

What should I do in the case of a plumbing issue where water floods the building while I wait for Facilities or Campus Safety to respond?

Immediately dial 408.554.4742 and place an Emergency Service Request with the receptionist. Inform them that water is on the floor and continuing to leak from the specific location. Please do not attempt to shut-off any water connections on your own. Facilities will arrive shortly and handle the emergency.

What should I do if there is a presence of chemical or hazardous materials while I wait for Facilities or Campus Safety to respond?

Immediately dial 408.554.4742 and report the location of the spill as well as the type of material involved. Do not touch the material or attempt to clean up the spill. Facilities is equipped to clean up hazardous spills in a safe manner and will do so immediately.

Is vomit considered a hazardous material? Do I contact someone right away, or do I submit a regular request?

Though vomit is not considered a hazardous material, Facilities will respond immediately to any requests for a clean-up of vomit. Employees and contractors who are equipped to deal with this issue are on-site 24 hours a day. 



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