laboratory inspections


To ensure our laboratories and laboratory equipment at SCU are maintained safely, we do inspection of our labs. The laboratory inspection program is detailed in the SCU Chemical Hygiene Plan »Info.

Laboratory Inspection Schedule:


Laboratory Type Inspections

Lab Supervisor Self Inspections


Chemistry and Other Labs
Designated Higher Hazard

Fall and Winter Quarter

Spring Quarter 

Laboratories and Shops
Not Designated Higher Hazard

Spring Quarter

Effective Fall Quarter 2014, for the High Hazard Laboratories and Shops, use the LabcliQ online inspection tool for the Fall and Winter quarter self-inspections. 

Use the provided link to the online inspection tool, LabcliQ to login to the system. 




Director of EHS

Lab Inspection Checklist

Access PDF Here

Shop Inspection Checklist

 Access PDF Here

Labcliq online inspection user guide

Access PDF Here