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Chargepoint Locations on Campus

With options for both employees and visitors, Chargepoint stations are a great way to recharge your electric vehicle while you are on campus.  Billed at $1/hour and accepting major credit cards, Chargepoint stations are a simple way to make sure you have a full battery before you leave campus.  As an added bonus, permit holders can recharge for free at any of the 8 stations!  Check out the Chargepoint map to find the station nearest you!

Alternative Modes of Transportation

Mass Transit Discount offers deals on mass transit tickets. Purchase a mass transit ticket and receive 5 free daily parking passes per month. Parking passes are only for use during month of issuance and must be validated on day of use by Campus Safety at the University's Main Gate.

Registered Carpool Program

Carpools are vehicles that arrive on campus with 2 or more persons. To participate in the Carpool Program you must:

  • Register all participants in the carpool at the Campus Safety office. There is no fee associated with the Carpool Programs.
  • Receive a Carpool sticker that must be visible on the vehicle of use.
  • Upon arrival, the carpool participants must be verified by Campus Safety at the Main Gate. Upon verification, the vehicle will be issued a daily parking pass to be coupled with the Carpool sticker.
  • Each Carpool will receive 5 daily parking passes per month for participant's use during the month of issuance and must be validated on the day of use by Campus Safety at the Main Gate.


Derozap is a campus bicycle commuter program to encourage individuals that work and attend the University to commute to campus in a more sustainable manner. For each day that a commuter rides their bike he/she will receive a point. These points are then redeemable by the commuter for parking in the future. To register for the program please click here!  


Campus Safety


Alternative Transportation Information

Chargepoint Registration Instructions