Bike Security



Safety Requirements for Bicycles

A bicyclist on a street or any public path or trail after dark is required by California state law to abide by specific requirements. For your protection, it is highly recommended that a bicycle helmet is worn at all times while riding a bicycle on and off campus. »Info

Bicycle Registration

It is crucial to remember the name brand and serial number of your bicycle in the event of a theft. You can register your bicycle in the National Bike Registry via online or by phone at 800.848.BIKE. »Info

Reporting Accidents

Reporting bicycle accidents is important regardless if an injury occurred or not. In the event of a life threatening injury or an injury sustained from a bicycle/vehicle accident, call 911 and remain in the area. »Info

Securing Your Bicycle

Securing a bicycle correctly requires that the lock is secured, and the bicycle is in a bike rack. Bike racks work most effectively when both bicycle wheels are placed in the metal clamps and the metal clamps are secured properly with a lock. »Info

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